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5 Techniques that only a professional Panel Beater can perform

Your car is one of life’s most significant conveniences, and you’ll use it almost every day of the year. This is why getting into an accident is so aggravating. It’s crucial to choose the best Panel Beaters Melbourne and paint repair shop you can find, whether it’s for a minor repair to your front bumper or for more serious damage.

What does a Panel Beater actually Do?   

  1. Bumper Repair

Since the majority of car accidents occur in the front and back, the bumper repair is one of the most common repair procedures. Since modern bumpers are frequently made of plastic, the damaged bumper is removed and discarded while a new bumper is ordered, spray-painted to match your vehicle’s colour, and expertly installed. Most bumpers are fitted with special plastic welders.

  1. Dent and Scratch Repairs

Dents and scratches can appear almost anywhere on your car, and accidents don’t often cause them. They are the most popular type of panel beating job since they can be caused by minor impacts such as a shopping cart colliding with your car’s side panel.

When a dented panel is affected in this way, the panel beater restores it to its original form. However, if the damage is serious and the dent is excessively large, a new panel may be required to return the car to its original condition.

South Melbourne Car Detailing

  1. Chassis Alignment

Cars’ chassis are often pulled out of alignment when they are involved in major collisions. A panel beater can correct and align a car’s chassis back to its original shape using expert equipment such as a chassis hydraulic pulling system. This crucial procedure ensures that your car drives as it should, without pulling left or right as you travel down the lane.

  1. Panel Removal and Replacement

Panel removal and repair, or, depending on the extent of the damage, complete panel replacement, is a major job for a panel beater. Panels are either bolted or welded to the car frame, and the perfect placement of panels necessitates a great deal of skill and knowledge. A panel beater may assess the damage during the quoting process and recommend complete panel replacement or repair.

  1. Spray Painting

When all of the panel repairs on a car have been completed, it’s time to call in the spray painter. One of the most difficult tasks involved is colour matching. This is where a spray painter can match your car’s paint colour to ensure that the repaired areas and the rest of the car are similar.

It’s no simple job; that is why it requires expert spray painters who have years of experience matching and spraying paint. After that, the cars are masked and transported to our state-of-the-art spray booth, where they are spray painted.


Detailing is the final and important stage; therefore, choose a company that is the best South Melbourne Car Detailing service provider. Never avoid a service that your car requires because it might not end up well for its future condition.

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