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Diseases for which you might need tree removal service

Do you know the common diseases and conditions for which you might need professional Tree removal Melbourne

If not, explore the following. 

Wilted Leaves

Leaves lose their shape and become less rigid when they are wilted. Leave wilting is the result of water loss in plant cells. Drought can also lead to drooping and wilting leaves. 

To handle wilting leaves, you need to water the plants’ base and move it to an area with less sunlight. However, you need to check the soil for available humidity before increasing the water level. Excess water can lead to wilting as well. 

Scorched Leaves

Excess sunlight and wind can make your leaves scorched. A dehydrated, dried, and brown leaf is scorched and often appear at the tips or the external parts of the leaves. 

To resolve the issue, you need to increase the water rate around the base. Mulching is another great way to increase the moisture and protect the plant. 


As we all know that trees and plants live on the water, lack of water can cause stunted growth and even kill the plant. 

Hence, it’s crucial to provide a moderate water supply to the plants so that if the weather is not in favour, you can save the plants from dying during drought. 

Bad Pruning

Bad pruning affects a tree’s health and overall well-being. An over trimmed and under-trimmed tree is also not going to get anything good. In these cases, the tree will not be able to breathe properly or absorb moisture. 

That’s when experts of Stump removal Melbourne come in who have years of experience pruning different types of trees. 

How to identify tree diseases?

You can spot certain tree diseases such as tree spotting and bugs. To identify a disease better, we have listed the major signs of tree diseases. 


You can easily identify leave rust, and it is caused by rust fungus. Tree fungus is pretty common, and it weakens the photosynthesis process of the plant and hence, slowdowns plant growth. If your plant leaves have yellow-brown spots on them, it’s rust. 

You can use fungicides to remove the rust or simply cut the infected leaves to prevent fungus spread.  


The abnormal growth of plant on different parts is called gall. These bumps are of pouch shape and can vary in colour and size. Usually, insects and mites lead to these galls and don’t damage the trees. Galls give only aesthetic problems only. 


Mildew is the worst thing for plants. It covers the plant with a white coat. Mildew could kill a plant if on-time fungicide treatment is not provided. 

Witches’ Broom

The dense mass of sticks collected at a single part of the tree gives a witches’ broom-like shape, and that’s why it’s named so. It’s easy to remove it by simply cutting it from the tree. Besides, professionals can help to identify whether the condition was from pests or diseases. 

Have you noticed any of the above diseases in your plants? 

If yes, it’s time to get in touch with the experienced agency for Tree removal in Melbourne.

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