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Horse Riding Can Teach You 5 Important Life Lessons

If you’re looking for a hobby that tests your stamina and patience, look no further than horseback riding at the best Equestrian Boarding Schools Nz! Not only is it a fun way to get outdoors and explore nature, but it also teaches you important lessons that can be applied to your everyday life.

5 Important Life Lessons By Horse Riding

Horse Riding Teaches Patience

You can’t go wrong with the old adage “patience is a virtue.” It’s true, and it’s something that we all need to learn. Patience is a skill that will benefit you in any aspect of your life—whether it’s waiting for your food to be prepared at a restaurant or sitting through an otherwise boring lecture.

There are so many things about horse riding that require patience: learning how to properly hold on, working with the horse’s movements and understanding its temperament, getting used to the saddle and stirrups…and then there are all those other little details like grooming, tacking up (putting on all of the accessories), mounting up (getting on), riding through trails or roads…the list goes on!

Horse Riding Teaches Responsibility

As a horse rider, you’re responsible for the well-being and happiness of your horse. It is your job to make sure that they have enough food and water, as well as clean bedding (such as straw or shavings) in their stall. You also need to keep them groomed and brushed out regularly so that their coats stay healthy and free of any lumps or bumps.

When the weather is warm, most horse owners will take their animals out for exercise on a daily basis; however, when it gets too hot or cold then, this can become more difficult due to health concerns, so it’s important not only take care whilst riding but also maintaining a regular routine throughout winter months too!

Horse Riding Teaches Emotional Control

Equestrian Boarding Schools Nz

Horse riding is a great way to learn emotional control. When you’re on a horse, you have to be in control of your own emotions. If you’re afraid of falling off the horse or are worried about how high up you are, that fear and worry can cause the horse to feel tense and nervous, which will make it harder for them to perform well. Similarly, if you’re upset with yourself for messing up on a trick or fall during training, this negativity can negatively affect both yourself and the animal. You must learn how to master these feelings so that both people and animals are happy and healthy!

Horse Riding Teaches Interdependence

It’s easy to think that horses are independent, but they aren’t. They are herd animals, so they need to be around others of their kind. In fact, if you ever see a horse on its own in the wild, it could be because they have been abandoned or lost its way. When you ride a horse, it is important that you understand this as well—they need your help!

This lesson can teach us about interdependence and how we need one another in order to live healthy lives.


It’s clear that horse riding isn’t just a hobby or taking it at Equestrian Boarding Schools Nz; it’s also a life lesson. We hope these tips will inspire you to take up this sport and learn what it has to offer. You, too could start enjoying the benefits of horse riding!

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