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Importance Of Creating SEO Friendly URL Structure

You must be thinking about how SEO could relate to website URLs, right? But, it is true that while creating or launching a website, we almost check everything, from design, development to content but, forget to look into URLs. Though website URL has a significant impact on SEO and that you can get to know by contacting any SEO Sydney Company.

While considering various SEO Services in Sydney, it is necessary to know the importance of URL and its structure in an account.

So, here we go.

They may find that the URL of the website doesn’t impact the website’s progress or it doesn’t even affect the business.

However, that isn’t true. There are a few things that you need to consider.

Include the importance of website URL structure

URL is made of three segments which are protocol, domain name, and path or directory. A URL structure can be messy or clean and it can be SEO-friendly or dynamic which includes parameters.

How could you identify an SEO-friendly URL structure or any website?

An SEO-friendly URL includes the page, utilising keywords that can be easy to understand for users as well as crawlers. If any website URL is optimized, it looks clean and compact. It also gives a better user experience and can be easily optimized for different search engines such as Google and many more. Any structure with an SEO-friendly URL can make a page remain on the top position of search engine ranking pages.

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Here are a few examples of URLs with poor structure

If you want to create a website URL that supports SEO and helps pages with ranking, here are a few tips that you can consider.

  1.   Make use of keywords

It is quite confusing to find the answer to a question on whether the usage of keywords in URLs help your business to grow or not. However, many experts denote that the inclusion of keywords into the URL can be helpful. They help in improving the website ranking. Not only that, it will take your website to the top-most result page of the search engine. It has also been said that keywords at the start of any URL have more impact than at the end of the URL.

  1.   Make sure to keep it short and crisp

If URLs are more than 60 characters, it will not bring out the impactful result. Short URLs are better than lengthy URLs as they can be easily remembered. If any URL is lengthy then it will become difficult to remember or copy-paste. If there is a long URL, it will also look terrible when you share it on any social media platform.

  1.   Never include special characters

Make sure to avoid special characters in the URL such as @, %20, $, or any other while creating an SEO-friendly URL. The reason is that it can create problems in SEO and can also cause links to affect.


End up,

Get more information about why it is necessary to keep a URL of a certain length or avoid certain characters in it by contacting the best SEO Sydney Company.

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