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Amazing tips to restore sparkling shine of the silver Jewelry

Women have immense love for silver jewellery from ancient times. Silver is the only versatile metal that is reliable and blends with all clothing whether it is traditional or chic style. The blackish silver is known for the rich and classic look that contributes an extraordinary look to the overall design. Silver can be worn with any type of clothes, whether formal, western, casual, or ethnic. With a western dress, you can wear a fashionable ring or exquisite hoop earrings and look effortlessly stylish. It’s crucial to maintain the natural shine of the silver for long years. 

One has to be very careful while cleaning and storing silver to preserve its sparkling shine. Though many stores provides a specific warranty when you Silver Jewelry Online India but after buying one has to be extra careful to maintain silver in good condition. Don’t worry if you don’t have silver polish on hand and need to clean your silver as soon as possible, try the below DIY methods but note that these treatments do not prevent the recurrence of discolouration, and silver experts warn you not to use them often (if any). Avoid excessive rubbing with silver-plated jewellery to avoid damaging the finish. Keep on reading the blog to read to know easy silver cleaning hacks!

Three silver DIY cleaning hacks 

Silver Jewelry Online India

  1. Use Cleaning Liquid: Mix a few drops of cleaning liquid, such as Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, or good quality shampoo with warm water. For while, soak a soft cloth in the solution and rub it on the silver to remove the discolouration of the silver. Rinse with cold water, polish with another soft cloth and dry. 
  2. Try baking soda: For a stronger temper, mix 3 parts of baking soda with 1 part of water. Wet your silver accessory and apply the tint of baking soda with a soft cloth. Put it in the gap and twist the cloth when picking up the discolouration. Rinse well and rub to dry. 
  3. Use toothpaste: Just as mild toothpaste removes stains on your teeth, it can also remove the discolouration of silver. Apply a white toothpaste with a cotton swab to the discoloured silver and begin gently rubbing it using a soft cloth. Ensure you use white toothpaste, not gel one Next, rinse well with lukewarm water and polish with a soft cloth to a high lustre.

At normal temperatures and pressures, silver is mostly resistant to corrosion, and neither water nor oxygen will initiate a reaction. However, silver metal is likely to get tarnished when exposed to air due to hydrogen sulphide traces in the atmosphere. The tarnish component is known as ‘Black silver sulphide,’ and most high-quality jewellery cleaning cloths work by eliminating this sulphur element while preserving the metal surface.

The other metals in the sterling alloy also contribute to tarnishing. Copper reacts with oxygen, which is why silver corrosion can take on a ‘coppery’ tint. Check out zilvercraft for the best Silver Bangle Bracelets and other ethnic silver collections.

Hope you found the blog useful for cleaning your favourite silver jewellery, share your thoughts regarding the silver cleaning blog in the comment section.

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