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Best Ideas To Decorate Your Patio With Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor space holds equal importance compared to indoor. But decorating it is a little tricky due to fewer options and ideas.

When you want to host a party or family get-together on your lawn, decorating your outdoor blinds Melbourne can double the fun. Yes, you heard it right. Blinds are not just meant to protect your outdoor space but can also be utilised for decoration.

Here are some creative ways to decorate your patio with outdoor blinds:

Potted Plants

Are you a person who is more into nature? Then, adding potted plants on the top of your blinds is your go-to. It will not just complement your exterior aesthetics but will also keep the air fresh. You can also grow ivy or creepers along the edges of the blind; it will not only add colour but gives a luxury touch to your home.

And if you are not so good at maintaining them, artificial plants are also a decent choice. You should opt for geometric-shaped vases and artificial fiddle leaf figs. You can also group multiple plants and make amazing floral art.

outdoor blinds Melbourne

Blinds As Projector Screens

This idea is perfect if you are a movie lover and want to make your blinds more functional. You can use your blind as a projector screen and play iconic movies when hosting a movie night with friends or even play your marriage album. Though this is not a decorative idea, it is a smart choice for sure.

All you need to do is mount your projector in the perfect place and angle to get the perfect view. And ensure that your blind is light in colour so the colours are fully opaque.

Creative Painting

If you are an art lover and want to add a creative touch to your outdoor space, just like your home interiors, then using your blinds as a painting canvas is the perfect solution. Just remember that outdoor blinds Melbourne comes with different materials, and all of them won’t be paint-compatible. So, ask the supplier before purchasing if it is paint-compatible.

Using water paints is advisable as they are easy to wash. And you must prefer minimalistic designs for your blinds to give them a luxurious touch.

Hanging Lights And Pots

How about lighting up your outdoor space with beautiful fairy lights? This idea works great when hosting parties in your outdoor space. Lights can elevate your guests’ party spirits and enhance your overall experience. You can even install string lights around your patio dining area for a better dining experience with your family.

For a minimalistic yet appealing decoration, you can opt for hanging pots in your blind. Using classic black leather pot hangers or rectangular box planters will hike up your exterior aesthetics.


To ensure the utmost fun in your outdoor space all year round, you must make it more livable. Adding a decorative touch to your outdoor blinds Melbourne will provide the best entertainment. And it won’t even break your bank as there are many affordable decoration ideas to make a visually appealing space for your family and guests.

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