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Don’t Get Left in the Dark! 7 Signs Your Electrical Wiring is Dangerously Outdated!

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to update your electrical wiring system, you might think that it’s hard to go wrong if you stick with what you already have. After all, electricity always travels the same way, right? However, since we don’t like to mess around with safety, we’re here to tell you that there are some ways to mess up your wiring that aren’t immediately obvious. Here are 7 signs your electrical wiring is dangerously outdated!

1) Older homes may not have been built with your needs in mind

Older homes are not just bigger money pits, they can also be dangerous money pits. Don’t assume that outdated wiring and appliances are up to code — make sure your home has been inspected by a licensed electrician christchurch. Now, more than ever, it’s important to check your electrical work—and equipment—to make sure you’re safe.To keep your family safe, it’s vital that any old fuses are replaced with newer circuit breakers before problems arise. When you call Electricians christchurch, they will assess all of your home wiring and let you know if anything needs updating or fixing as soon as possible!

2) Three Components Needed for Safe Modern Wiring

According to licensed electricians christchurch, there are three components that are needed for modern wiring: power, control and communication. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each one does. Without these three components, your electrical system can become extremely hazardous and dangerous to you or your family members. Power brings energy into your home. Control ensures you are protected from unsafe voltages through fuses and circuit breakers.

3) Common Area Nests of Boxes

Boxes of wires can pile up quickly and become a fire hazard or tripping hazard. Look behind your walls and beneath your floors to see if there are any boxes of unused electrical wires hiding behind them. Also check around cabinets, closets, and storage units for stray wiring and coils. If you find anything dangerous, call an electrician immediately. If you don’t know who to call, contact your local utility company for a referral.

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4) Old Orange Cables? Time to Upgrade!

In older homes, which were built before anyone ever heard of energy efficiency, outdated electrical wiring systems can zap your home’s power usage by as much as 30 percent, which leads to extra expense on your utility bill. The best way to improve your home’s electricity flow? Talk to a qualified electrician about updating your electrical system. Not only will you save energy costs from upgraded wiring and dimmer switches, but newer systems are safer than their older counterparts and are more protected against power surges and brownouts—especially important for homeowners with newer electronics.

5) Electricity is Invisible, Which Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Electricity is often overlooked by homeowners, until an accident reminds them how important it really is. If you haven’t examined your electrical wiring lately, don’t take any chances—you could be playing with fire. Keep these warning signs in mind so you can catch potential problems before they cause a real catastrophe.

6) Blown Fuses on All Circuits? Time to Call an Electrician!

When you begin to blow fuses on most or all of your electrical circuits, it’s time to call an electrician. This could be a sign that your home wiring isn’t able to handle today’s energy demands. Many older homes may need some upgrades, such as new circuit breakers or even new wiring altogether, depending on how far along it is into its life expectancy.

7) DIY Upgrades are Not Always a Good Idea

Before performing any electrical upgrades to your home, be sure to consult with a licensed electrician. Trying to do your own electrical work can not only leave you vulnerable if something goes wrong but could also endanger others living in your home. Paying an electrician ensures that you’re working with a qualified professional who can ensure that everything gets done safely and correctly.

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