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How Can A Dog Harm Your Wooden Fence

Your dog can damage your wood fence in a variety of ways, but generally it’s because he is bored or needs more exercise. If you are able to provide him with both, chances are he won’t go near the fence again. Consider consulting a reputed Wood Fence Company if you have a wood fence at your home.

This is especially true if the wood fence is new and unfamiliar to your dog. He may be drawn to it because of its smell or texture, and he will want to explore it. If you want to prevent this from happening, try spraying some citronella on your fence posts. This will help keep him away from them.

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Dogs are enthusiastic diggers, and the holes they dig can be a problem.

  • Structural damage: If your dog digs where they shouldn’t, they may cause structural damage to your fence by loosening the dirt under it or creating large enough holes that it falls over.
  • Long-term damage: The wood in your fence will eventually rot without proper maintenance and care. This could take a while, but if you don’t want to wait as long as possible before replacing your fence because of a dog digging, try using some tricks to prevent them from digging at all!
  • Short-term damage: If you have an indoor dog who just wants someplace cool to hide from the sun or other people around him/her (like me), this is probably what’s happening with my pup–he loves going under our deck for naps during summertime heat waves!

Taking Potty Breaks

Finally, one of the most dangerous habits your dog probably has on a daily basis is going to the bathroom. Although this is difficult to prevent, it can cause significant damage to your fence. When moisture accumulates in a fence post, it frequently leads to mould or mildew, reducing the durability of the fence structure.

Another reason your pet’s urine can damage your fence is the discolouration it can cause. You’ll notice faded grass patches not only around the area, but also on your fence posts. Discolouration or fading on fences is unsightly, unappealing, and often indicates structural flaws in the posts.


If your dog is a climber and can scale your wooden fence, it’s important to make sure that the fence is installed at least 2 feet above the ground. The wood should also be installed with a slope of at least 1/4 inch per foot to discourage climbing. If you want to keep climbers out completely, you can instal slanted sides on the outside of your fence that are angled towards the inside of your yard.

If you are looking for a wood fence, consider consulting with a Wood Fence company. A Wood Fences Boston can help you with your wood fencing needs and problems.


Wood fences are a great way to add value and beauty to your property. They can also be a valuable investment for your future if you plan on selling it someday.

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