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Important Maintenance Tips For Cleaning Leather Rugs

Rugs and carpets have always been a part of interior décor in houses and offices because of their versatile and elegant look. There are numerous types of carpets available in the market with different materials and designs.  Every rug has different cleaning methods depending upon its material. Well, it totally depends upon the individual’s choice. Leather rugs are popular because of their unisex style and durability.  Also, it can be customized with tons of designs according to requirements.  Leather rugs are usually handcrafted and blend well with the furniture and living room while giving an aesthetic appearance. But for maintaining a leather rug in good condition, it is advised to get the rug professionally cleaned by the experienced Dennis MA Rug Cleaning company.

Below Are Some Useful Leather Rug Maintenance Tips:

When you are starting with regular cleaning, simply lift the rug and shake it by flipping opposite to get rid of dust and debris on the rug surface.

Dennis MA Rug Cleaning

Clean the leather rug with a light vacuum in all directions. Don’t directly vacuum on the rug, use a vacuum floor brush to begin cleaning.

The stains and spills on the leather rug can easily be cleaned by the normal spot cleaning and wiping method.  A damp wet cloth and neutral cleanser are sufficient to get rid of any stain. But avoid rubbing hardly on the stain as it could damage the rug fiber. Slightly repeat the process of cleaning with a damp cloth and mild soap and the spill will go away.

If you are planning to clean the entire rug then, it’s better to clean the rug on a sunny day for drying efficiently.  It’s not advised to soak the leather in a rug in water for a longer time because it will deteriorate its appearance and durability.

Use a dehumidifier in the room to keep the rug moisture-free and avoid the plunge and leather odor. Leather is most likely to sting in monsoon season if there is moisture on the rug surface for a long time, it will start releasing a strong plunge leather smell that might cause headache.

Brockton MA Rug Cleaning

Leather rugs are best suitable for indoor use only so, avoid using them for outdoor use. Other than this, no dry cleaning or bleach is allowed on the leather rugs. It is not suitable for machine wash. Always use the leather rug in a dry and ventilated room.

Keep the leather rug away from the fireplace or the place where there is immense heat, also keep it away from sharp pointed objects.

Endnote: Though normal spills of water and drinks can be easily wiped away by cleaning and wiping with mild soap in case of chewing gum, tar, fat, or grease, always take the help of professional Brockton MA Rug Cleaning Company to get rid of the stubborn oils and chewing gums efficiently. Experimenting with cleaning the stubborn stains at home might cause more damage and tear down the rug. While having professional cleaning, you can have peace of mind and preserve your rug in good condition for longer years.

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