best walking shoes for men

List of Essential Things to Know Before Buying Safety Footwear

Have you ever bought a new shoe and don’t have an idea how to pair it with the outfit? Choosing the right and comfortable non slip shoes have always been a challenging decision. Somewhere we all have been there in such a situation. Isn’t it nice to have someone suggesting with the complete footwear stuff? Connect with the right company for the best walking shoes for women for buying comfy and durable shoes which goes with almost all outfit without making your feet suffer.

As shoes have been a prerequisite necessity nowadays, it’s very important to take care of a few points in mind while buying a shoe.

Check Out The Silly Mistakes You Have Been Doing While Buying Footwear:

  • Not taking proper measurements of foot

It is advised that always take a foot measurement while buying a new shoe and make sure it’s comfortable while walking and moving feet.

best walking shoes for men

  • Shopping during the injury or wrong time of the day

It is not at all a good idea to shop when you have injured feet or at the wrong time of day. Wrong time usually means when you have walked a long distance, and your feet have been swollen. So, experts advice to plan shoe shopping late afternoon or early evening.

  • Compromising comfort over the look

Yeah, it’s nice to wear attractive footwear, but fashionable heels and attractive footwear can leave you with hurting feet and lots of regrets. Comfort should always be the first priority while buying a shoe as half of the day we have to spend time wearing a shoe.

  • Not changing footwear for a long period of time.

Experts recommend Always replace footwear every 9 to 12 months, as they won’t provide better support to your feet.

  • Not investing in proper shoe care. 

It’s always the wise choice to invest in a high-quality shoe and its product. If your shoes are too tight or loose, it may affect your physical activity and may result in ankle and joint pains.

  • Not checking all shoe parts

Always check every part of the shoe while buying as it’s a matter of your feet and comfort, which can’t be negotiated. Experts’ advise to walk few steps wearing a shoe and move your toes and fingers for ensuring it’s comfortable for your leg.

Effects of bad shoes and footwear:

50% of the people are wearing shoes that are too small. As online shopping is in huge trend today, especially women get attracted towards fashionable heels and pointed footwear. It may look good for a while when you are wearing it, but it can cause severe joint injury if you lose body balance. It can also lead to an ankle sprain and crack if met with an accident.

The right shoe can literally make you feel happy and blessed. Propetaustralia provides a huge variety of collections, including non-slip shoes, flat feet, best walking shoes for men, diabetic shoes, and many more.

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