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5 Ways Prestige Car Hire Gold Coast Service Can Help You Save Money on Your Trip

What if you could save money on your travel expenses? Wouldn’t that be great? There are many ways you can save money on your next trip, and some of them are very simple! You’ll just need to have the right resources at hand. Prestige Car Hire Gold Coast is here to help you plan your next trip and help you save money while doing it! Here are five ways we can help you save money on your next trip.

5 Ways Prestige Car Hire Gold Coast Service Can Help You Save Money on Your Trip

1) Hiring a car can reduce your travel costs

Let’s say you have to take an eight-hour flight. Unless you plan to do nothing but watch in-flight movies and sleep, you’re probably going to want some form of transport once you arrive at your destination. Now, imagine that instead of paying for public transportation or renting a car, you hired a vehicle just for yourself. Obviously, there will be additional costs involved here: Some drivers might not include taxes and fees in their quote, and it’s often hard to tell whether those are included until after the booking has been made.

2) Book Ahead to Save Time and Money

Booking ahead is always a good idea—but in some situations, it can save you hundreds of dollars. If you’re traveling alone or with just one other person, that’s not too bad. But if you’ve got five people in your party and need to get from place to place, those fares add up quickly. To save money and time, use a reputable car-sharing service like Prestige Car Hire Gold Coast instead. It allows you to book cars for as little as an hour at a time and pick them up at any location.

3) Ask About Special Promotions or Deals at the Counter

Oftentimes, there are hidden specials available at a car rental agency’s counter—for example; you may be able to rent your vehicle for a week or two weeks instead of one. Or they might throw in free mileage or free insurance if you book in advance. Specials and promotions are often done at certain times of the year or with booking far enough in advance, so it’s worth asking if there are any deals available when you go to pick up your car. Depending on how long you’re renting for and where you’re traveling to and from, such a deal could save you hundreds of dollars!

4) Beware of the cancellation fees if pre-paying

Make sure to do your research beforehand and make a comparison to other companies, so you know what to expect. If you are pre-paying for your car service, make sure there aren’t cancellation fees if you need to cancel or reschedule at the last minute. Most companies do charge an additional fee, but it can be significant if you book early or don’t give plenty of notice. For example, many luxury car services will charge hundreds of dollars in booking fees if there are less than 24 hours of notice that your ride needs to be canceled or rescheduled. In most cases, it’s best not to pre-pay for a reservation in order to avoid such high costs; instead, book when ready with plenty of advance notice in case something changes.

5) Avoid Insurance Potholes

If you don’t already have full coverage on your vehicle, skip insuring your rental. Many credit cards will extend protection to rental cars, but be sure to check with your bank before assuming that it offers such a benefit; it may not be as clear-cut as taking out a credit card and waving it at someone behind bulletproof glass. So when you’re ready to go somewhere else, simply return it there—no waiting in line or fumbling with cash. And by booking ahead, you’ll be able to reserve one close by so that when your trip is over, all you have to do is hop out and walk away. It couldn’t be easier!

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