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Why Commercial Roller Shutter Windows Are Better Than Just Curtains?

Roller shutters installed in commercial buildings have been more effective than just curtains, especially when it comes to having proper air conditioning during scorching summer seasons. Read why roller shutter windows are a strong choice for your office.

Commercial roller shutters in Melbourne windows are actually a type of window that uses rollers to open and close. This type of window is perfect for areas, such as offices, that need to be closed off from the weather but still need access to natural light. Roller shutter windows are also great for businesses that want to create an air-tight seal so customers can’t see in or out. Commercial roller shutter windows come in both manual and automatic varieties, so you can choose which one best suits your needs.

How can they enhance the office interior?

Commercial roller shutter windows are better than just curtains because they can provide a number of advantages over curtains, including the ability to enhance the office interior, keep out the weather, and provide privacy. 

The first advantage is that commercial roller shutter windows can provide an increased warmth and insulation in the winter. This is due to their thermal properties; when air flows through apertures in a curtain, it cools down as it travels through the fabric. On the other hand, commercial roller shutter windows have large openings that allow air to flow freely. This means that they are able to retain more heat during the colder months, which can make a big difference in terms of comfort. 

Commercial roller shutter windows also offer a degree of privacy. Curtains can be see-through, which can be distracting and unprofessional. Roller shutter windows are also much tougher and more weatherproof than curtains, making them more suitable for use in areas subject to high winds or rain. In addition, they often have blinds or louvres that you can crank open or closed to adjust privacy levels as needed. 

Commercial roller shutters Melbourne

What kinds of commercial roller shutter windows are available? Commercial shutters work by rotating as you open and close them to control the amount of sunlight coming in. This is a better option than curtains because they can be opened all the way to let in natural light, or closed to keep out noise or heat. The different types of commercial roller shutter windows are:

Fixed windows:

These have a frame that you put up and then lock into place to open and close. This is the most common type of commercial shutter, and they come in different sizes.

Roller blinds:

These have a motor that moves the fabric, so they can be opened and closed quickly and easily. They are good for areas where you don’t want the full light of the sun coming in, like a office.

Waterfall shutters:

These shutter rollers have a series of small cups that catch water droplets from the sun as it shines through them. This creates a waterfall effect that helps to block sunlight from coming in. They come in different colours and designs, so you can choose one that will look good in your window.

Commercial roller shutter windows are typically replaced when they show signs of wear and tear. Normal wear and tear include fading, water damage, and rime build-up on the window. These issues can cause the window to malfunction or break. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to get your windows replaced as soon as possible.


Commercial roller shutters Melbourne are better than just curtains because they offer a number of advantages that can make your home more energy efficient, improve your utility bill, and protect your property.

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