SEO – 2023‘s Top Ranking Tactics Without Defying Google!

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landscape is constantly changing. Google updates its algorithm every year, or even more frequently, to ensure that users get the best results in their search queries. Here, an SEO company in Australia suggest that you should keep yourself updated on the latest trends, tactics and strategies in SEO. This will help your website stay ahead of the curve, even when Google updates its algorithm.

And while some of these changes might seem like they’d hurt your business, there are also plenty of opportunities to take advantage of them. Here are 2023‘s top ranking tactics without defying Google!

Tactic 1# Relevant, Authoritative Content.

Relevant, authoritative content is the king of SEO. It’s what Google loves and rewards. It’s also what users look for when searching on Google or any other search engine. If you want to take your ranking to the next level and get more traffic from search engines, SEO company in Australia suggest that you need to ensure that you have relevant and authoritative content on your website.

SEO company in Australia

Google is constantly changing its algorithm – making it harder for marketers to stay ahead of their competitors without breaking any rules. 

However, there are some strategies that can help you achieve high rankings without risking penalties from Google like Panda or Penguin updates:

-Use long-form content that is well-researched and written by an expert in your industry. This will help you rank for more competitive keywords, which can lead to increased traffic.

-Create a blog on your website that provides value to users. This can also help with ranking because Google now considers blogs as part of its indexing process.

Tactic 2# Utilize Keyword Tools To Place Keywords In A Strategic And Organic Way.

This is an essential part of your SEO strategy because it helps you determine what people are searching for to find solutions to their problems. The goal is to understand how people search, what they want, and where they go when looking for answers.

Tactic 3# Satisfying User Intent.

You can’t satisfy user intent if you don’t know what it is. Here are two examples of how user intent can be defined:

  • A user searches for “best restaurants in Chicago” and then clicks on your website to find a list of the best restaurants in Chicago.
  • A user searches for “best restaurants in Chicago, Illinois” and then clicks on your website to find a list of the best restaurants in Chicago, Illinois.

Tactic 4# Local Business Listing – GMB Optimization.

Claiming a business listing is free. You can do this by going to Google My Business and then clicking the “manage” button next to your business name. This will take you to a page that shows all of the information about your business, including address, hours of operation, photos and more. 

It also has tabs where you can edit or add new information (i.e., phone number) if needed. Once you have filled out all of the necessary fields and taken photos with good lighting conditions for each photo on your GMB profile page – it’s time for optimisation!

You could optimise this listing by making sure each of the following items are present when possible:

  • Address is accurate
  • Hours Of Operation Are Accurate & Updated Often
  • Image Gallery Is Complete With Images That Are High Res & Good Lighting Conditions
  • All Other Descriptions Are Accurate And Complete

Tactic 5# Improve Your Organic CTR.

Google’s third-party listing experience is in the hands of the user, which means that improving your organic CTR is done by creating a better user experience. Also, SEO company in Australia guide that the more users who click on your result, the higher you rank for those keywords.

Google has always been about making things easier for users, so it makes sense that they would want to make it as easy as possible for them to find relevant information about local businesses.


To recap, we’ve covered five effective tactics that you can use to improve your ranking on Google without attracting a penalty. While these are just a few examples of how to rank without breaking the rules, they show how important it is for businesses to focus on quality over quantity in their search engine optimisation efforts.

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