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Tips for Outdoor living supplies: Material, Size, Features,& FAQs

You’ll need a place to sit if you want to spend more time in your garden. You should start looking for Outdoor Living Supplies Melbourne. On the other hand, an outdoor bench is ideal for relaxing in your yard, particularly when placed at a nice vantage point. An elegant outdoor bench can also serve as an additional decorative feature in your outdoor area.

This guide will provide you with all of the knowledge you need to choose the best outdoor bench. The Cozumel Cast-Aluminium Bench, with its lattice pattern and antique copper finish, is our top pick. It’s also robust and long-lasting while remaining affordable.

Considerations when choosing outdoor benches

  • Material:

The majority of them are made of metal, wood, or resin.

Metal benches are generally strong and durable, though durability varies depending on the type of metal — aluminium benches, for instance, are lightweight and can feel flimsy, whereas cast-iron benches are extremely heavy-duty. Metals that aren’t rust-proof should be coated or painted.

Wooden benches have a timeless, rustic look that complements any traditional garden. They last a long time if you take care of them, but they can get waterlogged after heavy rain, so if you want to sit down without getting soaked, you’ll have to wait until they’re fully dry.

Resin benches are naturally weather-resistant, easy to clean and dry easily with a simple wipe down. Some customers dislike their appearance, but they’re often modelled to resemble painted or natural wood (to varying degrees of success).

 Landscape Supplies Melbourne

  • Size:

It’s important to choose a bench that is the right size for you. It’s important to double-check the dimensions because some garden benches are much smaller than they appear in pictures. Some benches can only hold one or two people, while others can hold three to four people.

  • Features:

Storage – If you don’t have a shed or garage, outdoor benches with built-in storage are a good option. This storage area should be waterproof so you can place seat cushions or other things that you don’t want to get wet in there.

Gliders – Gliders are similar to rockers but produce a gliding motion and used on some benches.

Backless – Backless benches are usually less expensive than those with backs and arms, and they allow you to sit on either side.

  • FAQs:

Is there any upkeep needed for outdoor benches? – The bench’s content decides this. Except for the occasional wipe down, resin and metal benches need very little maintenance.  However, to secure wooden benches from the elements and extend their lifetime, they should be handled with varnish or wood stain every few years.

Is it possible to position my outdoor bench on any surface? – Yes, but if you sit on grass rather than a concrete surface like a paved patio or a wooden deck when the ground is muddy, your legs can sink into the grass.

As a result, 

you may want to build a small area on your lawn with Landscape Supplies Melbourne for your bench to sit on, using paving stones, gravel, or wood chips.

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